Test Drives


Car Managment

Car Care

On the production day, we will have a specialized technical team taking care of all the vehicles. This includes transportation to the film set, cleaning it during filming, and performing any necessary technical maintenance.


Precision Drivers

In order to achieve the best and most efficient results during a scene, coordination with the direction team and motion of vehicles on scene are essential.

Precision drivers will perform maneuvers in scenes that require millimetre-perfect driving. All scenes that need to be performed can be handled by our portfolio of precision or stunt drivers.

The precision driver is the one that will have to perform a maneuver (parking, overtaking, acceleration or braking) with special precision without high risk. On the other hand, the stunt driver is the pilot who takes his skill one step further, lifting the wheels of the vehicle, performing dodge maneuvers, chases and even impacts.


Driving Event

As part of our management, we begin by organizing schedules, routes, permits, and other needs for the event. The day of the event, we will handle the test drive activities, the technical maintenance, and the cleaning of the fleet of vehicles.


Camera for moving vehicles on sets or events

Those scenes that required filming moving vehicles, the cameraman must be equipped correctly. The Filmotechnic gyro stabilized crane systems, known as U-crane or Russian arm, is the most popular choice. Its management, transportation, contract and take care will always be in our charge.

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