5 Horror Productions Filmed in Barcelona

As we already know, the city of Barcelona is a preferred setting for many directors in search of a location to bring their most terrifying scripts to life. In light of the Halloween trend, we take a look at some of the places that have hosted productions of horror, mystery, and suspense in Barcelona.

The Poble Espanyol serves as the allegorical location used to film the final scene of the renowned movie “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer” in 2006. This sequence marks the culmination of a remarkable shoot that is unforgettable due to its content and the atmosphere created in the location, transforming it into the streets of 18th-century France.

One of the standout successes in Spanish cinema is the filming of “REC” in 2007, with the first two films in the series shot in Building Number 34 on Rambla Catalunya. Casa Argelich is the name of the building, which has remained uninhabited since 2004 and has hosted numerous film shoots. Designed by the architect Josep Amargós, who also designed the Greenhouse at the Parc de la Ciutadella, its long corridors and the never-ending spiral staircase that winds through the five floors represent the distinctive corners of this iconic place for horror movie enthusiasts.

Intruders” is a film shot in 2011 that envelops the viewer in anguish. A building in the Eixample district provides the backdrop for this story in which César, the protagonist, is the villain who cannot find happiness and carries out small malevolent acts against the building’s residents. Things spiral out of control, revealing the darkest instincts of a psychopath.

The Last Days” is a 2013 film that uses the most iconic streets of the Catalan capital to bring to life a story based on a global apocalypse in which humanity is facing extinction due to a mysterious illness. The protagonist must find a way to reunite with his girlfriend amidst the chaos and the struggle for survival. The film features landmarks such as the Arc de Triomf, deserted streets, ruined buildings, and even parts of the city’s metro and underground tunnels.

The most recent and highly anticipated film is “Bird Box Barcelona” a Netflix production released in 2023. The streets of the Eixample, the Gracia district, and the famous Plaza Catalunya serve as the perfect setting for a post-apocalyptic story in which Mario Casas portrays Sebastián, the protagonist who keeps viewers guessing and captures the attention of fans of the series.

All the aforementioned audiovisual productions have been carried out in the city of Barcelona. The scouting service enables you to find the best location to bring your ideas to life, along with the necessary filming permits required to execute your projects. At Tangenio, we take care of making your audiovisual production dreams a reality while fulfilling all the necessary requirements.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer
The Last Days
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